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Visitation in School: 

You are welcome and encouraged to visit our school for observation, conference, or as a volunteer.  To avoid visiting during a test, please arrange a time and date with your child’s teacher.  As a visitor, you must inform our office personnel of your presence on campus.  Please sign in at the front office and wear a visitor’s sticker at all times during your visit.  Visitors are not permitted on our playgrounds during the school day.  Parents and friends are welcome to attend all school functions and programs noted on the school calendar.  Anyone working directly with students. either as a volunteer or a chaperone, will be required to have a Volunteer Application completed and approved.  Please, do not interrupt a class to speak with your child’s teacher.  Please make an appointment to confer with teachers and administrators.  Every minute is valuable learning time!

Please follow these guidelines when observing in classrooms:

  •  Observations should be conducted as discreetly as possible.  Please do not interrupt instruction.  If you need to speak with the teacher, please do so by calling the teacher after school or leaving a message in the office for a return phone call.  Please do not “take just a moment” of time when students are in the room.  We guard our instruction as every minute counts! 
  • Please note that your child may behave differently when you are in the classroom.  Students often complete work or have better behavior when a personal visitor is present.  Oftentimes, specific concerns will not be observed during a parent visit.
  • Teachers may not greet you until there is an appropriate break in instruction.  Please do not think he/she is being rude as teachers have been instructed to make every minute count and to guard instructional times.  If appropriate, teachers will speak with you as time permits.
  • Please remember that confidentiality is very important.  While you may observe behaviors in your child’s classmates, it is extremely important that you do not discuss specific children with anyone. 
  • When visiting in classrooms, please respect everyone’s privacy and refrain from videotaping or taking pictures where children other than your own may be captured. We have several families who do not wish to have their children photographed due to safety concerns.       


Parents, grandparents and guardians actively support their children’s education by participating in numerous activities and events.   In addition to conferences, other events attended by parents are Title 1 Welcome Back Night, Grade Level Orientations,  PTO and SIC Meetings/Events, Awards Ceremonies, Field Day, Family Math and Literacy Nights, and book fairs.

We invite parents and community residents to assist in the instructional programs by volunteering their time to work in classrooms, the media center, and the office.  All volunteers must register and should record daily duties and hours volunteered in the school office log.  Volunteer forms are available in the office.  All volunteers must complete the Kershaw County School District volunteer application and be approved by the district office. Level I volunteers are those persons who interact with students under the supervision of a KCSD employee, such as guest speakers, field day volunteers, classroom helper, etc.) Level 1 volunteers are screened through the National Sex Offenders Registry (a free service). Persons interested in becoming a Level II volunteer must complete the volunteer application and submit it along with $16.95 for a BIB background check.  Level II volunteers are those persons who may have unsupervised interaction with students such as field trip chaperones, tutors, or mentors.


VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: If you are interested in volunteering in our school, please complete the Kershaw County School District application and return it to the school. Volunteers only need to complete one application every two years but can serve in multiple schools if approved.