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Report Cards and Promotion Retention Policy

Report Cards:

Report cards are sent home four times a year and an interim report is sent in the middle of the nine-week period.  If a report is not received at the end of each nine-week period, the teacher and/or school office should be notified.  Reports or covers must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the homeroom teacher the day following distribution.

School Grading System     Effort Grades

A – 90-100                                                 E-Excellent

B – 80- 89                                                  S-Satisfactory

C – 70-79                                                   I-Improving

D – 60-69                                                  U-Unsatisfactory

F – 59- Below  


IKE – Promotion and Retention

The Kershaw County School District affirms academic excellence for students. This promotion/retention policy describes the standards students must meet in order to maintain academic excellence and to be considered for promotion from one grade level to the next.


This policy will be applicable to all students who are in the regular school program. Students functioning in special education programs will be governed by their Individual Educational Plan (IEP). The district will administer this policy fairly, equitably, and consistently in the schools. 


Students who are not performing on grade level on interim reports, report cards or as determined by standards-based test scores will not be promoted to the next grade and will be retained for the upcoming school year.  In order to provide academic assistance the Kershaw County School District shall make available appropriate remedial programs for all students. 


The following shall be considered when determining the promotion/retention of students at the kindergarten level:

maturity (academic, social, emotional, and physical) 

individual progress as measured by the state kindergarten standards and assessment test results

teacher, principal, school psychologist, parents/legal guardians, and district office instructional staff observation and judgment.


In accordance with state law parents/legal guardians may waive attendance in Kindergarten.  Waivers must be in writing and these waivers supersede retention recommendation.

Grades One and Two

The district will promote or retain students in grades one and two based on the following criteria:

classroom assessment results

work samples

teacher judgment

standardized or criterion referenced test results


parent/legal guardian input

report cards/interim reports

F & P Levels

Grades Three through Eight

The district will promote or retain students in grades three through eight based on the following criteria:

available standardized or criterion referenced test results

teacher judgment


work samples

parent/legal guardian input

report cards/interim reports

F& P Levels