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Homework Guidelines and Textbooks Workbooks Chromebooks


The purpose of homework is to extend the work of the school day and to develop good study habits by stimulating a positive, intrinsic work ethic, initiative, independence, responsibility, and self-direction.  Thus, students will be assigned homework throughout the week.  When assigned, homework is expected to be completed as an extension of the day’s lesson. 

Appropriate Times for Homework

No student should take longer (FOCUSED TIME) than the following time to complete the daily assigned homework.

         Kindergarten                 <10 minutes

         First Grade                  10-15 minutes

         Second Grade              20-25 minutes

         Third Grade                 30-35 minutes

         Fourth Grade               40-45 minutes

         Fifth Grade                  50-55 minutes

 If homework takes longer than the above times, please contact your child’s teacher.


Students will have access to one set of state-adopted textbooks as provided by the State Department of Education at no cost.  Students are responsible for the books and must pay fines if books are lost or damaged.  Textbooks should be covered and cared for properly.  Report cards may be withheld at the end of the year until fees have been paid for damaged, lost books or outstanding fees.