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Money/ Finances:  

Please try to have the correct change when you send money to school.  We do not keep any cash on hand to make change.  Thanks for helping us with this. 

Refunds and Insufficient Funds: 

Occasionally, a lost textbook that has been paid for will be found. We will be happy to refund within the present school year; however, we will not be able to issue refunds after the present school year ends.  In the case of a lost library book, no refunds will be issued if the book is later found.  The reason is because the money is used to repurchase the book that was assumed lost.       

 Once a field trip had been confirmed and the amount is agreed upon, most vendors will not refund fees for any reason; therefore, we will NOT be able to refund the student or chaperone unless the vendor agrees to refund the school.

Returned checks for insufficient funds create difficulties for all. Our school will gladly accept your checks but ask that you include your FULL NAME, STREET ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER on them. (Also, adding your student's name, teacher & purpose on the "For" line is helpful.) We will use the information provided on the check to recoup the face value and any fees as a result of the insufficient funds.